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Transactional Practice

For over 167 years, the attorneys at Schumann Hanlon Margulies have helped clients solve the most complex business problems and transactions.


Transactions can include a broad range of legal disciplines such as real estate law, commercial law, tax law, finance law and many other legal areas. 


We offer advice and counsel to our clients in the full breadth of transactions that can arise in a business's lifespan including sizable financing, credit facilities, Asset Based Lending, Commercial Lending, Mergers & Acquisitions, and Joint Ventures and Strategic Alliances. 


Schumann Hanlon Margulies can help your business design new organizational structures, restructure existing organizations as needed, prepare registration and renewals for fundraising, obtain federal and state tax exemptions, train staff and boards of trustees in maintaining compliance with laws and regulations​, develop planned giving programs, and evaluate fundraising issues​.

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