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Representative Highlights
  • Presided in over 1500 mediation cases since 1995 from small claims to $100 million

  • 2015 local counsel for 1 billion dollar competition claim, litigated before a jury for four months in state court

  • Active Chancery Practice

  • Currently represent client in NJ Divorce action with international component involving high wealth issues

  • Currently represent national organization in application to NJ Supreme Court

  • Currently represent construction accident victim with serious injuries

  • Represented Retired Judges of NJ in Supreme Court Pension Challenge

  • Obtained $10 million jury verdict for extensive body burn victim caused by unguarded molten steel in 1999

  • Obtained $40 million jury award in Los Angeles Federal Court for Chippendale murder victim in fraudulent conveyance case 1995

  • Successfully defended Revaluation Company in 1987 Jersey City tax case

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